Religious liberty on the line Religious liberty on the line

Legate CHARLES LiMANDRI leads a landmark David-versus-Goliath case in New Jersey... 

Hope behind bars Hope behind bars

Two Jacksonville Legates embrace a rare corporal work of mercy with prison ministry... 

Deep in the heart of Texas Deep in the heart of Texas

Austin Chapter charters in March as the Lone Star State’s fifth Legatus chapter... 

A man with a mission A man with a mission

Legate Henry Cappello lives the New Evangelization by bringing Christ to the poor... 

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Legatus & New Evangelization Legatus & New Evangelization

Editor PATRICK NOVECOSKY writes that the culture war is a spiritual battle for souls... 

The monthly chapter meeting The monthly chapter meeting

Founder THOMAS MONAGHAN writes that Legatus lives and dies by its monthly meetings... 

Balancing justice and mercy Balancing justice and mercy

BISHOP JAMES WALL: The three most recent popes have condemned the death penalty .... 

Legatus stirs the faith Legatus stirs the faith

Editor PATRICK NOVECOSKY says Legates who know their faith will not cave to the culture... 

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The importance of virtues in business The importance of virtues in business

WILLIAM H. BOWMAN writes that firms run by virtuous leaders thrive in the marketplace and the results show in their bottom lines. Further, the character of employees is more important than ever, and data show that companies led by men and women of character outperform competitors. Key virtues include integrity, responsibility, forgiveness, and compassion... [Read more of this article]

Your employees and human flourishing Your employees and human flourishing

MICHAEL MATHESON MILLER writes that treating people as subjects and helping them to flourish as persons is a powerful witness to the joy of the Gospel. Such thinking is counter to today’s utilitarian culture of using people to accomplish personal or corporate goals. Miller gives several practical ways to encourage human flourishing in your workplace.... [Read more of this article]

Why Dorothy Day matters to Catholic leaders Why Dorothy Day matters to Catholic leaders

LANCE BYRON RICHEY contends that Dorothy Day models for all believers the importance of separating social action from political activity. She reminds us all that our duty to care for the least among us (poor, hungry, imprisoned, or unborn) cannot be fulfilled simply by voting or paying taxes, but rather requires personal conversion and action . . .... [Read more of this article]

The ethics of the heart The ethics of the heart

DAVE DURAND writes that moral leadership is key to an ethical workplace. If employees can answer “what does it mean to work here” with a moral overtone such as “to do what is right, in the right way, at the right time,” then the culture is secure. The answer should include a standard of behavior that is understood by anyone who hears it . .... [Read more of this article]

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