Omaha’s Miracle Man Omaha’s Miracle Man

How Legate Dr. Edward Gatz’ extraordinary healing led to a new Catholic saint .... 

Liberating freedom Liberating freedom

Nyla Leipold’s remarkable, instant healing from Parkinson’s disease .... 

Is Catholic health care history? Is Catholic health care history?

Matthew Rarey: consolidation, regulation, and persecution pose a three-fold challenge... 

21st Century Evangelism 21st Century Evangelism

Legate Michael Warsaw leads EWTN’s bold global expansion into the 21st century... 

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A God of miracles A God of miracles

Patrick Novecosky writes that God’s biggest miracles are happening right now... 

Belgium’s deadly cough Belgium’s deadly cough

Roger Kiska contends child euthanasia in Belgium is bad law and may be contagious... 

Join us at the Legatus Institute Join us at the Legatus Institute

John Hunt: The Legatus Institute presents a unique opportunity for business leaders... 

How Legates can assist pastors How Legates can assist pastors

Chairman Tom Monaghan writes that Legates should be their pastors’ helpers... 

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Lawrence Welk and Catholic business ethics Lawrence Welk and Catholic business ethics

LANCE RICHEY writes that Lawrence Welk was not only a musical and financial success, but he was a man of profound faith who never missed a chance to go to daily Mass. Long after his death, Welk’s business and faith legacy continue through the many enterprises he founded. Lawrence Welk embodied the essence of a true Catholic businessperson . .... [Read more of this article]

Leaders, liars and letting go Leaders, liars and letting go

DAVE DURAND writes that truly effective leaders need to exercise the cardinal virtues. Leaders find themselves in the midst of all sorts of people — some great, some who will be great, some who lie, others who don’t, some who exhibit virtue, others vice. The challenge dealing with the fact that  most people are a combination of all those things... [Read more of this article]

Business and the option for the poor Business and the option for the poor

SAM GREGG writes that lifting people out of poverty — and not just material poverty but also moral and spiritual poverty — does not necessarily mean that the most effective action is to implement yet another welfare program. There is no reason to assume that the preferential option for the poor is somehow a preferential option for big government... [Read more of this article]

Liberty and solidarity Liberty and solidarity

DR. ANDREW ABELA writes that poverty can only be conquered through businesses leaders working to provide opportunities for the impoverished. Not only is this a Catholic position, but it’s the only way that will work.  We are called to practice solidarity — the love of others — in everything we do, and particularly in running our companies... [Read more of this article]

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