What glass ceiling? What glass ceiling?

Legatus’ female executives are helping break new ground as savvy business leaders... 

Taking it to the next level Taking it to the next level

Legate KATHLEEN EATON BRAVO rebrands Birth Choice as Obria Medical Clinics . . .... 

From zero to 60 From zero to 60

Legatus’ Fort Wayne Chapter posts rapid growth and feeds members’ spiritual hunger... 

Annual summit builds bonds Annual summit builds bonds

LEGATUS SUMMIT: Members from across the country rally to change the culture for Christ... 

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Feminine genius leads to Our Lady Feminine genius leads to Our Lady

Editor PATRICK NOVECOSKY writes that the Catholic Church has always elevated women... 

New awards, recognition program New awards, recognition program

Founder TOM MONAGHAN says the new program will honor the most active Legates . .... 

No finer time to be Catholic No finer time to be Catholic

AUSTIN RUSE writes that despite media outrage at the Church, this is our time . .... 

Je suis Catholic Je suis Catholic

PATRICK NOVECOSKY writes that poking fun at others’ faith is highly uncharitable... 

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Why Dorothy Day matters to Catholic business leaders Why Dorothy Day matters to Catholic business leaders

LANCE BYRON RICHEY contends that Dorothy Day models for all believers the importance of separating social action from political activity. She reminds us all that our duty to care for the least among us (poor, hungry, imprisoned, or unborn) cannot be fulfilled simply by voting or paying taxes, but rather requires personal conversion and action . . .... [Read more of this article]

The ethics of the heart The ethics of the heart

DAVE DURAND writes that moral leadership is key to an ethical workplace. If employees can answer “what does it mean to work here” with a moral overtone such as “to do what is right, in the right way, at the right time,” then the culture is secure. The answer should include a standard of behavior that is understood by anyone who hears it . .... [Read more of this article]

Understanding speculation Understanding speculation

SAM GREGG writes that the practice of speculation is morally justifiable as long as basic moral principles are followed. In specific conditions, he says, it can certainly have negative effects. Before Catholics condemn (or unreservedly praise) speculation, however, it’s important that we understand this important financial tool in all its complexity... [Read more of this article]

Catholic social teaching and my friend Tommy Catholic social teaching and my friend Tommy

CHRISTIAN BRUGGER writes that Catholic social teaching doesn’t offer easy answers to the political, social and economic disparities in our world today. However, it does offer norms of justice that make a complex world more workable and equitable. The challenge, he writes, is finding the political will to make it happen so all may flourish . .... [Read more of this article]

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