Good-bye Religious Liberty?

March 3, 2011
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Homosexual activists who want to squash religious liberty are relentless . . .

Good-bye Religious Liberty?
by Charles S. LiMandri
Catholic Answers, 2010. 3 CDs, $27.95

Good-bye Religious Liberty? How the Attacks on Marriage Are Threatening Your Religious Freedom details the threats posed by homosexual activists on cultural, academic and legal fronts.

“The opposition is relentless and as intolerant as one can imagine,” LiMandri says. “They view those people who have an opposing viewpoint as bigots who need to be silenced, and if they won’t be silenced, they need to be punished. They’re willing to use all legal means to effectuate that.”

Combining honed legal skills with a knowledgeable and timely grasp of the issue as it’s currently playing out, LiMandri’s three 45-minute talks offer a clear path to the truth. He discusses how the homosexual agenda is manipulating local, state, and constitutional law; the part that schools — public and private — are playing in pushing this same agenda; and why the Church cannot — and will not — be silent on this issue.

LiMandri shows that even secular marriage experts are looking at same-sex unions as nothing short of social cataclysm, and he discusses the history and progress of the homosexual agenda — and why legalizing same-sex “marriage” is a ploy to attack the Church.

More importantly, LiMandri equips his listeners with a strategy to make sure this agenda fails — not for now, not for a little bit, but permanently.

Order: Catholic Answers


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